Exercises on Subject-Verb Agreement for Class 7 with Answers

Subject-verb agreement is one of the most important concepts in English grammar. It refers to the idea that the subject and the verb in a sentence must agree in number, meaning that if the subject is singular, the verb must also be singular, and if the subject is plural, the verb must also be plural.

As a class 7 student, it is essential to understand the concepts of subject-verb agreement. Here are some exercises on subject-verb agreement that will help you to understand the concept better.

Exercise 1: Fill in the blanks with the correct verb.

1. The cat ___ on the mat.

Answer: is

2. The dogs ___ in the park.

Answer: are

3. John ___ the book.

Answer: reads

4. The boys ___ football.

Answer: play

5. The flowers ___ in the garden.

Answer: bloom

Exercise 2: Choose the correct verb.

1. The group of students ___ going to the zoo.

a) is

b) are

Answer: a) is

2. The apples ___ on the tree.

a) is

b) are

Answer: b) are

3. The book that I ___ reading is very interesting.

a) am

b) is

Answer: a) am

4. My sister and I ___ going to the party together.

a) is

b) are

Answer: b) are

5. The piano ___ beautiful music.

a) makes

b) make

Answer: a) makes

Exercise 3: Rewrite the following sentences with correct subject-verb agreement.

1. The team of players are playing well.

Answer: The team of players is playing well.

2. The dogs in the park barks loudly.

Answer: The dogs in the park bark loudly.

3. The group of singers sings beautiful songs.

Answer: The group of singers sing beautiful songs.

4. The box of chocolates was delicious.

Answer: The box of chocolates were delicious.

5. The class of students studies hard.

Answer: The class of students study hard.

In conclusion, subject-verb agreement is a fundamental concept in English grammar that helps in the formation of a grammatically correct sentence. These exercises will help you to master the concept of subject-verb agreement and improve your grammar skills. Always remember to practice regularly and keep enhancing your language skills.